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Tips for Managing Tinnitus

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Tips for Managing Tinnitus

Handy Tips for Great Inner Ear Health

Tinnitus and the bothersome ringing in the ears is in no way fun. Whether you have suffered from it for years or it is a new obstacle in your life, there are ways to help manage your symptoms. Here are 6 tips to manage your tinnitus:

1) Understand Your Tinnitus

  • Know that tinnitus is not usually a sign of an ongoing medical condition.
  • See a specialist, whether it be an audiologist or an ear nose and throat center, to make sure what you are experiencing is in fact tinnitus and not another condition.
  • Let your medical professional know what medications you are on to help eliminate possible causes. Some medications can cause or aggravate ringing in your ears. Sometimes a medicine you may have taken for years without incident will trigger an episode. Even ordinary aspirin will provoke this reaction.
  • Keep a record of what triggers your tinnitus symptoms and avoid these things when possible.

2) Don’t Believe There Is No Hope

  • Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing you can do about your tinnitus! Most people do get relief!
  • Stay current with research, there are new discoveries all the time.
  • Be willing to try different suggestions to ease your symptoms.
  • Give a new treatment a chance; don’t give up – some treatments take time to work.

3) Stress, sugar and salt in your diet can trigger tinnitus

  • Try to reduce stress levels as this can make your condition worse.
  • Keep a journal of your stresses and work to reduce or eliminate them one by one.
  • Some foods will aggravate your tinnitus. Pay attention to what you are eating and if it causes your condition to worsen. Things such as nicotine, salt, artificial sweeteners, sugars, alcohol and other foods can trigger tinnitus.

4) Protect Your Ears

  • In military or industrial careers you can be exposed to loud noises so you will need to have protection. Invest in a pair of ear plugs or noise canceling headphones to protect your ears and help avoid aggravating your tinnitus.
  • Crowded spaces and concerts can have very high decibel levels and damage your hearing and cause ringing in your ears. Try to avoid loud events or consider wearing ear protection to avoid further damage.

5) Stay Positive

  • Staying in a positive state of mind will help, don’t make negative predictions about your condition. There are tools to help, such as Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus!
  • A lot of sufferers will get used to their tinnitus and notice it less and less.
  • Consider your attitude as part of your treatment, staying positive will help you heal faster and keep your body healthy.

6) Seek Out Support

  • Find people that know what you’re going through. Their understanding of your condition will help you feel supported and that you’re not alone.
  • Find a support group online or in your community.  Joining a group can help you sort through information and learn coping strategies.
  • Help your family and friends understand more about your condition and ask for their support and understanding.
  • Continue to search for reliable information to help with your condition.

And remember: a large percentage of the time tinnitus is a temporary condition and using Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus can help support your ear health, help with your symptoms in the long term or short term. Keep a positive attitude and outlook for your tinnitus; this is the key to feeling happy and confident in your ear health.