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Experts Recommend Sound Therapy for Tinnitus

If you suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears, the American Tinnitus Association wants you to know about the potential benefits of sound therapy. Using noise against noise, sound therapy can significantly lower the burden and intensity of tinnitus, reports the nonprofit dedicated to promoting tinnitus relief, prevention and education. Similarly, the Hearing Health Foundation says that 60-90% of tinnitus sufferers find relief from their symptoms when using sound therapy. 

The treatment works by adding low-level, neutral sounds to the environment to help block or mask the intensity of the ringing in the ears. This can be especially useful when you’re trying to sleep. According to a recent study, 77% of tinnitus sufferers say their symptoms are most bothersome when they are attempting to nod off.

Sound therapy can also be beneficial during the daytime. According to a medical journal report, sound therapy can help reduce tinnitus sufferers’ frustration and anxiety as well as help them to become more accustomed to their tinnitus while feeling more in control. Reuters has also announced that some sound therapies can help the brain to learn to ignore tinnitus. And, the Tinnitus Journal found significant improvement in concentration abilities, lowered functional impact of tinnitus, and decreased loudness with sound therapy.

To best combat noise with noise, experts recommend looking for background sounds that are non-intrusive, non-stimulating and easy-to-ignore, but are at a level that eases perceptions of tinnitus.

There are many “white” noise “machines” (and apps) on the market. But not all “white” noise is actually white. To boost the benefits of tinnitus-fighting sound therapy, the American Tinnitus Association recommends an array of white, pink and brown noise. These color combos are known to reduce the difference between background and “peak” sounds like the buzzing or hissing of tinnitus. Sonorest Sleep Tones provides options for each of these noise spectrums as well as controls to help you find the right tone and volume to best ease the disruption caused by your tinnitus. Sonorest is also uniquely designed to help tinnitus sufferers create a comfortable and relaxing environment – despite ringing or other phantom noises in their ears.

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